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So the thinking is that Kohl’s will get Sephora in front of new customers and away from the shopping malls that are home to Penney and have been withering for years.KOHL’S REPLACES J.C. PENNEY AS SEPHORA’S U.S. BIG RETAIL PARTNERPHIL WAHBADECEMBER 1, 2020FORTUNE
Gap is trying to execute a comeback and rebuild its relevance with customers after years of withering.GAP RIDICULED FOR TWEET SHOWING HALF-BLUE, HALF-RED HOODIE AS A CALL FOR NATIONAL UNITYPHIL WAHBANOVEMBER 4, 2020FORTUNE
What might happen otherwise is watching a beautiful artifact withering to “an eyesore beyond feasible restoration,” like the century-old Alvin Clark boat that was discovered in Wisconsin in the 1960s.HOW SCIENTISTS KEEP ANCIENT SHIPWRECKS FROM CRUMBLING INTO DUSTSARA KILEY WATSONNOVEMBER 3, 2020POPULAR SCIENCE
If it had ended there and withered away like many other social networks before it, we might well have put it in the waste bin of history.RESPECT THE HUSTLE, NOT THE STUPIDITYDANNY CRICHTONOCTOBER 22, 2020TECHCRUNCH
That’s because when they go dormant in the winter, their stems don’t wither away.CHANGING CLIMATES CAN TAKE COOLING TIPS FROM WARM REGIONSSHARON OOSTHOEKOCTOBER 8, 2020SCIENCE NEWS FOR STUDENTS
But the withering mildew was now breathed forth, that was intended to blast this goodly harvest.THE PASTOR'S FIRE-SIDE VOL. 3 OF 4JANE PORTER
"Certainly not, Mr. Gilbert Rushmere," drawing herself up, with a withering air of spurious dignity.THE WORLD BEFORE THEMSUSANNA MOODIE
It throve because it came with the tempting bribe of Heaven in one hand, and the withering threat of Hell in the other.GOD AND MY NEIGHBOURROBERT BLATCHFORD
The stones and metal rattle inEach dry and withering ear, As lackadaisical they loll,And preen themselves, and peer.CHARLES BAUDELAIRE, HIS LIFETHOPHILE GAUTIER
Mrs Pike cast a withering glance at Digby; such a piece of insubordination had not been met with for a long time to her authority.DIGBY HEATHCOTEW.H.G. KINGSTON


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