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“Monsieur,” said the Comte de Lussigny with dignity, stuffing his winnings into his jacket pocket.THE JOYOUS ADVENTURES OF ARISTIDE PUJOLWILLIAM J. LOCKE
I meant to pouch my winnings and go straight to my wife and say, 'Peccavi,' and I should hear her say to me, 'Go and sin no more.'YOU NEVER KNOW YOUR LUCK, COMPLETEGILBERT PARKER
Pierre, very hot in the face, pocketed his winnings and belted on the gun.RIDERS OF THE SILENCESJOHN FREDERICK
And then, as she was in the act of sweeping her winnings into her gold bag, she saw the man opposite.MR. GREX OF MONTE CARLOE. PHILLIPS OPPENHEIM
She had had no time to count her winnings, but at least she knew that she could pay back every penny she owed.MR. GREX OF MONTE CARLOE. PHILLIPS OPPENHEIM
That was mighty small winnings for our trouble, so we decided to go through the passengers.SIXES AND SEVENSO. HENRY
As he watched the games he heard a familiar voice and, looking, 138 saw Mogridge at a table with large winnings at his hand.RODNEY, THE RANGERJOHN V. LANE
After four hands, and with quite a little pile of winnings before him, he wanted to leave the game, but was ashamed to do so.RODNEY, THE RANGERJOHN V. LANE
Then Mogridge and his confederate rose and left the table while Rodney sat gloating over his winnings.RODNEY, THE RANGERJOHN V. LANE
All his winnings of the night before could not erase from lus memory the dark words of the old man's prediction.A RENT IN A CLOUDCHARLES JAMES LEVER


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