Thesaurus / wideawake


All of the boys are at college, finishing their education, and all are as wideawake as ever, and Tom is just as full of merriment.

The Rover Boys in the AirEdward Stratemeyer

Besides, a scout is supposed to be wideawake and on the alert.

The wideawake then and there spun up into the air, even as the half-sovereign had spun before it.

A Bride from the BushE. W. (Ernest William) Hornung

For a hundred yards ahead of him he perceived a clerical figure, spare and tall, in a wideawake hat, swinging towards him.

Elizabeth's CampaignMrs. Humphrey Ward

They were both healthy, normal, wideawake young people, and took vast delight in motoring.

But the Meccanians are very clever, and they manage to impose on many people who are not so wideawake as you are.

MeccaniaOwen Gregory

Ann was certainly a forcible narrator, and was in every way a wideawake woman, about thirty-seven years of age.

He wore a wideawake hat thrown back on his head, thus displaying his brown country-looking face to full advantage.

So they got him one, and off he went before breakfast in the flannel collar and the outrageous bush wideawake in which he landed.

My Lord DukeE. W. Hornung

This youth's visit to America had evidently had a sharpening effect upon him, for he was a bit too wideawake for me.

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