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He even wrote a bestselling book dedicated to the idea that “simple, healing, wholesome food” is a “remedy for everything from fatigue to stress to chronic pain,” according to the publisher’s summary.MEDICINE, NOT HEALTHY FOOD, IS STILL THE BEST MEDICINECHRISTINE BYRNEMARCH 12, 2021OUTSIDE ONLINE
Microsoft and Apple are wise to this sort of worry, and have built parental controls right into Windows and macOS, so you can minimize the risk of children stumbling across anything less than wholesome.YOUR GUIDE TO KID-PROOFING A COMPUTERDAVID NIELDMARCH 11, 2021POPULAR SCIENCE
It could help keep dried fruits and veggies more wholesome and more flavorful, they say.NEW ‘IONIC WIND’ CAN DRY FOODS WHILE PRESERVING NUTRIENTSSID PERKINSMARCH 2, 2021SCIENCE NEWS FOR STUDENTS
It aspires to be a wholesome, positive community for beauty creators and fans, where moderation is a key focus and fans get rewarded for quality participation, not trolling.NEWNESS RAISES $3.5 MILLION FOR ITS ‘TWITCH FOR BEAUTY STREAMERS’SARAH PEREZFEBRUARY 26, 2021TECHCRUNCH
Ancient man made a deal with the wolves — we’ll give you scraps, you give us protection and companionship, wholesome loyalty, even longevity.ZOOM DATES? ELECTION NIGHTS? SOURDOUGH? NOPE. DOGS ARE THE HEROES OF THIS PANDEMIC.PETULA DVORAKJANUARY 25, 2021WASHINGTON POST
With a couple of spare coffee sacks lying about, you can replace your routine workout with a fun and wholesome race.FIVE COOL WAYS TO UPCYCLE OLD COFFEE SACKSHARRY GUINNESSAUGUST 27, 2020POPULAR SCIENCE
There was one honest dog in that company, but the two-legged specimen was a little "too sweet to be wholesome."THE BOOK OF ANECDOTES AND BUDGET OF FUN;VARIOUS
And the familiar scenery, together with the wholesome exercise of sculling, acted as a tonic to his nerves.UNCANNY TALESVARIOUS
She had had a bitter experience of what Mrs. Grundy could say, and felt a wholesome dread of that slanderous individual.THE WORLD BEFORE THEMSUSANNA MOODIE
Periods of rest may be made profitable by having on hand as much wholesome literature as you are able to secure.THE VALUE OF A PRAYING MOTHERISABEL C. BYRUM


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