Thesaurus / well bred


Was the higher estimate placed on the well bred animal based upon fancy or upon intrinsic value?

In spite of all drawbacks, and the counter-currents of destiny, she is a well bred and tasteful woman.

The Art of EntertainingM. E. W. Sherwood

Howbeit, my father waited quiet enough; and having been well bred to obey by Farmer Ingham, I brought it out at last.

The Maidens' LodgeEmily Sarah Holt

The women in general are handsome here; they are well bred, and virtuous with an innocent and becoming freedom.

General Bude was chatty and well bred, and the two strangers wholly silent.

It is too well bred, let us say too observant of the forms and customs which one has learned to expect in a novel of the road.

The BibliotaphLeon H. Vincent

"That girl is well bred," said Smith in a low, agitated voice.

The Green MouseRobert W. Chambers

Clancy was only four days away from Maine, where it is still not considered too well bred to declare that one is famished.

Find the WomanArthur Somers Roche

He had an extremely good and graceful Mien, and all the civility of a well bred Great Man.

He wanted quite desperately to love something staid and feminine and gainly and well bred, whatever its age!

The MartianGeorge Du Maurier
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