Thesaurus / well baked


Their own vehicle not having started they returned to Kingston in it, well baked by the burning rays of the sun.

The Three LieutenantsW.H.G. Kingston

If a cake is well baked, the icing only hides its beauty, and the excessive sweetness destroys the flavors of the finest cake.

The Laurel Health CookeryEvora Bucknum Perkins

When it is well baked, and stale, it must be put again into the oven, and left there until cold.

The Muffle being thus constructed, and then well baked, is fit for use.

Like all men who brave cold weather at all hours George liked to be well baked when in-doors.

The Jack-Knife ManEllis Parker Butler

The upper part of our first batch was well baked, but the floor of the oven was not sufficiently warm to bake the lower part.

If the biscuits have been well mixed and well baked they will prove to be good biscuits.

But they were not ill—not in the least—which proved that the cake was well baked.

Wholemeal bread should be light and well baked, and in most cases it will be more easily assimilated if toasted.

For if any little Pieces remain that are not well baked, when they come to be made use of, they crack and break the Work.

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