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We can discuss how incredibly weird a lot of the stuff we are all taught is normal actually is!THIS SEPTEMBER, THE VOX BOOK CLUB IS READING ELIF BATUMAN’S THE IDIOTCONSTANCE GRADYAUGUST 28, 2020VOX
“It’s not that these events are weird one-off things … this is actually a pretty significant source of mortality,” says Eli Strauss, a behavioral ecologist at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln.FEMALE HYENAS KILL OFF CUBS IN THEIR OWN CLANSCAROLYN WILKEAUGUST 25, 2020SCIENCE NEWS
Perhaps you have mentioned your camp-bathroom woes in conversation, and perhaps all of your friends, almost without fail, have said, “This might sound weird, but I have definitely used my kid’s potty-training toilet in an emergency.”THE BEST PORTABLE TOILETS FOR CAMPINGHEATHER HANSMANAUGUST 23, 2020OUTSIDE ONLINE
“It’s weird to think that this object should be becoming a comet when I’m retiring,” Volk says.IN A FIRST, ASTRONOMERS SPOTTED A SPACE ROCK TURNING INTO A COMETLISA GROSSMANAUGUST 18, 2020SCIENCE NEWS
SNL writer Sam Jay’s hour-long stand-up special is a weird and wonderful collection of everything that comes into her head in the wee hours when everyone else is asleep.THIS WEEKEND: MIX YOUR COFFEE WITH … LEMONADE?FIONA ZUBLINAUGUST 14, 2020OZY
That weightlessness makes it easier to study a weird quantum state of matter known as a Bose-Einstein condensate.THIS WEIRD QUANTUM STATE OF MATTER WAS MADE IN ORBIT FOR THE FIRST TIMEEMILY CONOVERJUNE 11, 2020SCIENCE NEWS
Stephen Dubner, the host of Freakonomics Radio, and Angela Duckworth, the psychologist and author of Grit, explore the weird and wonderful ways in which humans behave.INTRODUCING NO STUPID QUESTIONSNO STUPID QUESTIONSAPRIL 27, 2020FREAKONOMICS
When she did, “a lot of really weird, inexplicable things about the specimen suddenly made sense,” she says.THIS DINOSAUR WAS NO BIGGER THAN A HUMMINGBIRDCAROLYN GRAMLINGAPRIL 13, 2020SCIENCE NEWS FOR STUDENTS
If I only ever talked to scientists who do the same thing that I do, I wouldn’t hear all of these cool, weird, exciting ideas that come from all different places.WEIGHT LIFTING IS THIS PLANETARY SCIENTIST’S PASTIMEBRYN NELSONMARCH 10, 2020SCIENCE NEWS FOR STUDENTS
People across Finland and Sweden took digital photos of the weird light display on October 7, 2018.NEWFOUND ‘DUNES’ IS AMONG WEIRDEST OF NORTHERN LIGHTSMARIA TEMMINGMARCH 9, 2020SCIENCE NEWS FOR STUDENTS


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