Thesaurus / wedging


I'm also afraid it will put a wedge between my husband and me, the last thing we need when we are all stuck at home all the time because of covid-19.

Jewishness is being used as a wedge in other underrepresented communities too, often in more formal communication channels.

Divide the fish and the tomatoes among the plates and serve with lemon wedges.

A wedge of relatively lightly affected countries extends from Finland southwards to the northern Balkans.

Sometimes you just want a wedge that will prop up your books while you read in bed, without having to worry about stubbing a finger or falling asleep near the hard corners and sharp surfaces of a traditional lap desk.

They're ready to drop off, and James has been wedging them up till he's tired of it.

Hes looking out for a more comfortable berth, where he wont be crowded, sneered Will, wedging himself into a corner.

A wedging beetle, of form shown in the accompanying illustration, should be always made use of.

The method of wedging is undoubtedly successful, if neatly performed.

Diseases of the Horse's FootHarry Caulton Reeks

Wedging the chisels in between the boards and giving a couple of light blows, he pried the panel loose.

Peter Cotterell's TreasureRupert Sargent Holland
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