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Earth’s magnetic field protects the planet from cosmic and solar radiation, but that field can weaken during pole reversals.50 YEARS AGO, SCIENTISTS NAMED EARTH’S MAGNETIC FIELD AS A SUSPECT IN EXTINCTIONSJONATHAN LAMBERTNOVEMBER 19, 2020SCIENCE NEWS
Researchers believe that catching one of the viruses could weaken your immune system and make you more susceptible to the other.YOU CAN GET COVID-19 AND THE FLU AT THE SAME TIMERACHAEL ZISKNOVEMBER 16, 2020POPULAR SCIENCE
The total damage done depends in part on how quickly it weakens.HURRICANES MIGHT NOT BE LOSING STEAM AS FAST AS THEY USED TOSCOTT K. JOHNSONNOVEMBER 11, 2020ARS TECHNICA
Without adequate water, healthy bats begin to weaken, making them more susceptible to diseases that are already devastating populations around the world.THESE PHOTOS REMIND US WHY CONSERVATION MATTERS - ISSUE 92: FRONTIERSKEVIN BERGERNOVEMBER 11, 2020NAUTILUS
The harsh chemo treatment had weakened his immune system, making him susceptible to infection.HUSBAND’S TRAGIC DEATH LEAVES D.C. MAN TO RAISE 4 YOUNG CHILDREN ALONELOU CHIBBARO JR.NOVEMBER 11, 2020WASHINGTON BLADE
Atlantic hurricanes are taking longer to weaken after making landfall than they did 50 years ago, thanks to climate change.ONCE HURRICANES MAKE LANDFALL, THEY’RE LINGERING LONGER AND STAYING STRONGERCAROLYN GRAMLINGNOVEMBER 11, 2020SCIENCE NEWS
Hurricanes can also create their own wind shear, so when multiple hurricanes form in close proximity, they can weaken each other, Emanuel says.WITH THETA, 2020 SETS THE RECORD FOR MOST NAMED ATLANTIC STORMSCURTIS SEGARRANOVEMBER 10, 2020SCIENCE NEWS
You journey through beautiful kingdoms, cities and rural landscapes, helping allies capture territories by force, persuasion and, at times, weakening defenses while hidden underneath a cloak.‘ASSASSIN’S CREED VALHALLA’ IMPRESSIONS: REKINDLING THE SPIRIT OF THE SERIESELISE FAVISNOVEMBER 9, 2020WASHINGTON POST
Many have died as a result, and self-governance has been weakened.TIME TO CONFRONT THE RIGHT-WING MYTH-MAKERSJENNIFER RUBINNOVEMBER 6, 2020WASHINGTON POST
Winds should weaken with sunset, but occasional gusts out of the south remain possible.P.M. UPDATE: NOT AS CHILLY TONIGHT; WARMTH ROLLS THROUGH THURSDAYIAN LIVINGSTONNOVEMBER 4, 2020WASHINGTON POST


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