Thesaurus / weaken


It has tightened internet censorship and developed a “social credit” system, which punishes behaviors the authorities say weaken social stability.
Two days after that, they measured whether the drug cleared the weakened viruses that make up the vaccine.
The absence of this immune signaling protein causes a severe susceptibility to all forms of mycobacteria, not only the highly virulent strains that cause tuberculosis but even weakened strains like the one in the BCG vaccine.
That decision itself turned on whether the city measure sufficiently weakened or reversed the old measure.
This situation could weaken recovery efforts over the long term.
When the body doesn’t have to pull its own weight, muscles and bones weaken.
None have started clinical trialsResearchers weaken the virus so that it doesn’t cause serious illness but can trigger a strong immune response.
In the mid-200s, the Plague of Cyprian may have helped to irreversibly weaken the Roman Empire.
Still, these rocks had already been weakened by years of volcanic activity and earthquakes.
They have weakened the economy but they’ve also fed nationalism.


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