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So agencies should be very wary of only relying on Google’s analytics tools.SOLVING THE AGENCY SEARCH INTELLIGENCE GAPIAN O’ROURKE AND STEPHEN DAVISFEBRUARY 9, 2021SEARCH ENGINE WATCH
The next month, a new government took office in Panama and adopted a warier stance on China.THE U.S. AND CHINA ARE BATTLING FOR INFLUENCE IN LATIN AMERICA, AND THE PANDEMIC HAS RAISED THE STAKESCHARLIE CAMPELL/BEIJINGFEBRUARY 4, 2021TIME
However, ad tech providers and publishers are wary of how open Google actually is to their participation.WHY GOOGLE’S APPROACH TO REPLACING THE COOKIE IS DRAWING ANTITRUST SCRUTINYKATE KAYEFEBRUARY 2, 2021DIGIDAY
He said wary employees are more likely to feel comfortable once they see that colleagues vaccinated weeks earlier are healthy.MOST NURSING HOME WORKERS DON’T WANT THE VACCINE. HERE’S WHAT FACILITIES ARE DOING ABOUT IT.RACHEL CHASON, REBECCA TAN, JENNA PORTNOY, ERIN COXJANUARY 27, 2021WASHINGTON POST
The post With many employees wary, company leaders prepare their return-to-office coronavirus vaccine policies appeared first on Digiday.WITH MANY EMPLOYEES WARY, COMPANY LEADERS PREPARE THEIR RETURN-TO-OFFICE CORONAVIRUS VACCINE POLICIESJESSICA DAVIESJANUARY 18, 2021DIGIDAY
On Wednesday, as unmasked mobs stormed the capitol, a lot of boxes were ticked that make public health experts wary.THE ATTACK ON THE CAPITOL HAD ALL THE INGREDIENTS OF A COVID-19 SUPERSPREADER EVENTSARA KILEY WATSONJANUARY 12, 2021POPULAR SCIENCE
“People should be wary of taking mega doses of vitamins or unproven interventions specifically for covid-19, because we don’t have good quality data yet to suggest that this is of any help,” said Akselrod, the GWU infectious-diseases physician.VITAMIN D SALES ARE UP. BUT EXPERTS STILL DON’T KNOW WHETHER IT CAN PREVENT OR TREAT COVID.ALLYSON CHIUJANUARY 11, 2021WASHINGTON POST
Health officials in the United States however are more wary of this tactic.THE WORLD MAY BE AT RISK OF A NEW COVID-19 SURGECLAIRE MALDARELLIJANUARY 4, 2021POPULAR SCIENCE
The past year has seen the return of socialist or left-leaning governments in Bolivia and Argentina that are wary and critical of Washington.HEY JOE: WELCOME TO THE NEW WORLD ORDERDANIEL MALLOYJANUARY 3, 2021OZY
Some experts are wary of this proposal, but not because of the difference in efficacy.WHY TWO DOSES OF THE NEW COVID-19 VACCINES ARE BETTER THAT ONETARA SANTORADECEMBER 26, 2020POPULAR SCIENCE


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