Thesaurus / voracity


Parisian women—and Caroline is one—are very vain, and as for their voracity—don't speak of it.THE PETTY TROUBLES OF MARRIED LIFE, COMPLETEHONORE DE BALZAC
Fenceviewer I. has suffered the first check in her career of rapacity, voracity and capacity.THE RED COW AND HER FRIENDSPETER MCARTHUR
And esteem it to be a Championlike action if one can but make the t'other dead drunk by his voracity of sucking in most.THE TEN PLEASURES OF MARRIAGE AND THE CONFESSION OF THE NEW-MARRIED COUPLE (1682)A. MARSH
"Perhaps the politeness may equal the voracity," said the fat lady, who was almost boiling over with wrath.THE KNIGHT OF GWYNNE, VOL. II (OF II)CHARLES JAMES LEVER
It principally subsists on fish, but such is its voracity, that it seizes almost every thing that comes within its reach.THE BOOK OF CURIOSITIESI. PLATTS
His eyes had a strained, hunted look, and even his appetite had lost something of its voracity—a sure sign of trouble.THE RIDDLE OF THE MYSTERIOUS LIGHTMARY E. HANSHEW
Just then Borelle himself entered, carrying a bag upon which Margot fell with all the voracity of a young tigress.THE RIDDLE OF THE MYSTERIOUS LIGHTMARY E. HANSHEW
He fairly overwhelmed Little Teacher by his voracity for learning and a perseverance that vanquished all obstacles.DAVID DUNNEBELLE KANARIS MANIATES
But of this the voracity of time, assisted by the hands of the Turks, has left nothing but a few foundations remaining.EARLY TRAVELS IN PALESTINEARCULF ET AL.
It requires a few hours in which to 146 regain its equilibrium, and at the same time its former activity and voracity.THE INSECT WORLDLOUIS FIGUIER


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