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Mulan is the story of 1,500 years of shifting ideas about gender and virtue.THE HISTORY OF MULAN, FROM A 6TH-CENTURY BALLAD TO THE LIVE-ACTION DISNEY MOVIECONSTANCE GRADYSEPTEMBER 4, 2020VOX
They also found, by analyzing speeches from Senate floor proceedings coded for virtue and vice signals,6 that United States senators were higher in the Dark Triad than the general population—which makes sense, given how competitive politics can be.ARE YOU YODA OR DARTH VADER? - ISSUE 89: THE DARK SIDEBRIAN GALLAGHERAUGUST 26, 2020NAUTILUS
Now, declared covid vulnerable by virtue of age, I was not just alone but afraid.THAT CHATBOT I’VE LOVED TO HATETATE RYAN-MOSLEYAUGUST 19, 2020MIT TECHNOLOGY REVIEW
I’ve spent a good bit of my career arguing for the virtues of solitude.THAT CHATBOT I’VE LOVED TO HATETATE RYAN-MOSLEYAUGUST 19, 2020MIT TECHNOLOGY REVIEW
Interestingly enough, by virtue of this very unobtrusive nature of the Pilos helmet, it was also used by lighter troops, such as the archers employed by Athens.KNOW YOUR ANCIENT GREEK HELMETS: FROM ATTIC TO PHRYGIANDATTATREYA MANDALMAY 19, 2020REALM OF HISTORY
When we speak against one capital vice, we ought to speak against its opposite; the middle betwixt both is the point for virtue.PEARLS OF THOUGHTMATURIN M. BALLOU
And it would be hard indeed, if so remote a prince's notions of virtue and vice were to be offered as a standard for all mankind.GULLIVER'S TRAVELSJONATHAN SWIFT
Why expect that extraordinary virtues should be in one person united, when one virtue makes a man extraordinary?PEARLS OF THOUGHTMATURIN M. BALLOU
She may be as chaste as unsunned snow, she is certainly as cold: but for warm, inspiring virtue!THE PASTOR'S FIRE-SIDE VOL. 3 OF 4JANE PORTER
The smiling face of man was blotted out; gratitude, virtue, were annihilated; and life had no longer an object!THE PASTOR'S FIRE-SIDE VOL. 3 OF 4JANE PORTER


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