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When heated with a laser, each epoxy blob gave off sound waves that rippled through the chip to the sheet, causing the sheet to vibrate.A NEW THERMOMETER MEASURES TEMPERATURE WITH SOUNDMARIA TEMMINGOCTOBER 2, 2020SCIENCE NEWS
This toothbrush does it all, combining the effectiveness of a Waterpik flosser and the power of a vibrating brush head.ELECTRIC TOOTHBRUSHES THAT MAKE GREAT GIFTSPOPSCI COMMERCE TEAMOCTOBER 1, 2020POPULAR SCIENCE
Another more speculative possibility is that cosmic strings could come from the tiny vibrating strings of string theory.SOME PHYSICISTS SEE SIGNS OF COSMIC STRINGS FROM THE BIG BANGTHOMAS LEWTONSEPTEMBER 29, 2020QUANTA MAGAZINE
Sound waves are carried through water by the vibration of water molecules, and at higher temperatures, those molecules vibrate more easily.UNDERWATER EARTHQUAKES’ SOUND WAVES REVEAL CHANGES IN OCEAN WARMINGCAROLYN GRAMLINGSEPTEMBER 17, 2020SCIENCE NEWS
Buy nowSmall yet powerful, the softball-size Hypersphere Mini is a TSA-approved, three-speed vibrating massage ball that eases muscle tension on the go or at home.THE MOST FUTURISTIC WORKOUT GEAR OF 2020HAYDEN CARPENTERSEPTEMBER 5, 2020OUTSIDE ONLINE
The discovery of this new phenomenon hints that perhaps other counterintuitive effects are yet to be discovered in vibrating systems, he says.TOY BOATS FLOAT UPSIDE DOWN UNDERNEATH A LAYER OF LEVITATED LIQUIDMARIA TEMMINGSEPTEMBER 2, 2020SCIENCE NEWS
Mitchell has to adjust multiple vibrating strings together so that the intervals between notes match intervals in musical scales.SCIENCE ISN’T JUST FOR SCIENTISTSSILKE SCHMIDTMARCH 5, 2020SCIENCE NEWS FOR STUDENTS
It has, indeed, one of the most important properties of all substances, in that it can vibrate.OUTLINES OF THE EARTH'S HISTORYNATHANIEL SOUTHGATE SHALER
Cannot two brains that vibrate in unison at a distance of many kilometres be moved by the same psychic force?URANIACAMILLE FLAMMARION
The struck chord ceased to vibrate as she reached the house where she had suffered and learned so much.ALONEMARION HARLAND


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