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So in the spirit of embracing and exploring our current state of deeply vexed uncertainty, the Vox Book Club is going to spend November reading Susan Choi’s wicked and vexing Trust Exercise.LEAN INTO UNCERTAINTY WITH TRUST EXERCISE, THE VOX BOOK CLUB’S NOVEMBER PICKCONSTANCE GRADYOCTOBER 30, 2020VOX
Its record is largely that of battles and sieges, of the brave adventure of discovery and the vexed slaughter of the nations.THE UNSOLVED RIDDLE OF SOCIAL JUSTICESTEPHEN LEACOCK
He felt vexed with himself for his lapse from good manners, yet hardly able to account for it.THREE MORE JOHN SILENCE STORIESALGERNON BLACKWOOD
She felt vexed with her mother, vexed with her husband, vexed on all sides; and she took refuge in her fatigue and was silent.ELSTER'S FOLLYMRS. HENRY WOOD
I was vexed that the woman of the party wore a dress evidently of French fashion: it spoiled the unity of the groupe.JOURNAL OF A VOYAGE TO BRAZILMARIA GRAHAM
She stamped her foot prettily, imperiously, vexed at my refusal to go out of that weird place the way I had entered.VALLEY OF THE CROENLEE TARBELL
He has often been vexed, and puzzled as well as vexed, at one great discord that has been sent upon the world.A CURSORY HISTORY OF SWEARINGJULIAN SHARMAN
She jist looked at ye wi' her big black e'en sae vexed-like and faraway lookin', an' never spoke hardly.THE UNDERWORLDJAMES C. WELSH
About bedtime it fell a-raining, and the house being all open at top, it vexed me; but there was no help for it.DIARY OF SAMUEL PEPYS, COMPLETESAMUEL PEPYS
This afternoon I had my new key and the lock of my office door altered, having lost my key the other day, which vexed me.DIARY OF SAMUEL PEPYS, COMPLETESAMUEL PEPYS


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