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That makes the planning underway in Alabama a window into the problems also vexing other states.MASS VACCINATIONS AGAINST COVID-19 WILL BE ‘MIND-BLOWING’ CHALLENGE FOR ALABAMA, OTHER POOR, RURAL STATESISAAC STANLEY-BECKERNOVEMBER 29, 2020WASHINGTON POST
The problem has vexed scientists for more than 150 years, ever since Darwin famously mulled the “tangled bank” in On the Origin of Species.A PHYSICIST’S APPROACH TO BIOLOGY BRINGS ECOLOGICAL INSIGHTSGABRIEL POPKINOCTOBER 13, 2020QUANTA MAGAZINE
This is effectively windfall money for these counties and it’s long vexed the prosecutorial community.SACRAMENTO REPORT: BILL WOULD LET CITY ATTORNEY COLLECT MORE IN CONSUMER CASESVOICE OF SAN DIEGOAUGUST 7, 2020VOICE OF SAN DIEGO
When looking at the overall affect of pods, it is hard not to see how they will exacerbate the pre-existing inequities and achievement gaps that already vex public schools.THE LEARNING CURVE: THE DYSTOPIAN FUTURE OF ‘LEARNING PODS’WILL HUNTSBERRYJULY 16, 2020VOICE OF SAN DIEGO
Councilwoman Jen Campbell announced Wednesday a proposal to regulate short-term vacation rentals in San Diego, the latest attempt to solve an issue that’s vexed City Hall for years.MORNING REPORT: INSIDE WESTVIEW HIGH’S MANY HARASSMENT, ABUSE COMPLAINTSVOICE OF SAN DIEGOJULY 2, 2020VOICE OF SAN DIEGO
I do not intend to vex or grieve you by any conduct of mine; nor do I mean to leave you, now you are both infirm and old.THE WORLD BEFORE THEMSUSANNA MOODIE
I didn't mean to vex you, dear Margaret; I like nothing so well, only we are never alone, and I've no time.THE DAISY CHAINCHARLOTTE YONGE
In comes Will Joyce to us drunk, and in a talking vapouring humour of his state, and I know not what, which did vex me cruelly.DIARY OF SAMUEL PEPYS, COMPLETESAMUEL PEPYS
Oh dear, if she has written so as to vex Aunt Alison, and we get blamed for it, and everything is spoilt!'ROBIN REDBREASTMARY LOUISA MOLESWORTH
"No, Adolphe tries to vex me, he's going slower," says the young wife to her mother.THE PETTY TROUBLES OF MARRIED LIFE, COMPLETEHONORE DE BALZAC


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