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Tadge Juechter will remain executive chief engineer for Global Corvette and will continue to lead the team as new variants hit the market.GM SHIFTS CORVETTE ENGINEERING TEAM TO ITS ELECTRIC AND AUTONOMOUS VEHICLE PROGRAMSKIRSTEN KOROSECAUGUST 28, 2020TECHCRUNCH
A smattering of all water molecules on Earth contain a heavy variant of hydrogen known as deuterium.EARTH’S BUILDING BLOCKS MAY HAVE HAD FAR MORE WATER THAN PREVIOUSLY THOUGHTCHRISTOPHER CROCKETTAUGUST 27, 2020SCIENCE NEWS
About a quarter of elite controllers have genetic variants in key immune system genes that may help them get a handle on the virus, says Joseph Wong, a virologist at the University of California, San Francisco.IN A FIRST, A PERSON’S IMMUNE SYSTEM FOUGHT HIV — AND WONTINA HESMAN SAEYAUGUST 26, 2020SCIENCE NEWS
Not all close variants are poor matches, but many do see meaningfully different performance than true exact and phrase matches on the non-brand side.2020 GOOGLE PAID SEARCH TRENDS THAT HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THE PANDEMICANDY TAYLORAUGUST 25, 2020SEARCH ENGINE LAND
For example, a promising pro-youth gene variant can be genetically edited into mice using CRISPR or some other tool.THE SECRET TO A LONG, HEALTHY LIFE IS IN THE GENES OF THE OLDEST HUMANS ALIVESHELLY FANAUGUST 10, 2020SINGULARITY HUB 
He wondered if that would allow very infectious variants to spread more.A READER ASKS ABOUT CORONAVIRUS MUTATIONSSCIENCE NEWS STAFFAUGUST 10, 2020SCIENCE NEWS
By the end of the 15th century, larger variants of caravels were built by the Portuguese, often as dedicated warships with better mobility.KNOW YOUR HISTORICAL WARSHIPS: FROM 7TH CENTURY BC – 17TH CENTURY ADDATTATREYA MANDALAPRIL 4, 2020REALM OF HISTORY
On the other hand, no continental variant appears to contain the sea-maiden episodes.THE THREE DAYS' TOURNAMENTJESSIE L. WESTON
I do not think that Lancelot was ab origine the hero of a variant of this popular and widely-spread folk-tale.THE THREE DAYS' TOURNAMENTJESSIE L. WESTON
Minor printer's errors have been corrected, but variant and irregular spellings are retained.THE ART OF DRINKINGGEORG GOTTFRIED GERVINUS


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