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“It’s like treating an individual patient while rebuilding the entire health-care system,” said Alfred Sommer, former dean of the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, who was part of the team that vanquished smallpox four decades ago.NOW COMES THE HARDEST PART: GETTING A CORONAVIRUS VACCINE FROM LOADING DOCK TO UPPER ARMLENA H. SUN, FRANCES STEAD SELLERSNOVEMBER 23, 2020WASHINGTON POST
It was the final chapter of a very polarizing time for the city attorney’s office, and he came out the vanquished.YOUR SAN DIEGO ELECTION QUESTIONS, ANSWEREDMEGAN WOODOCTOBER 20, 2020VOICE OF SAN DIEGO
Genetic analysis, which was not available during the original research, later confirmed that during the 1994 invasion, the aggressors didn’t just evict the vanquished.NAKED MOLE-RATS INVADE NEIGHBORING COLONIES AND STEAL BABIESJAKE BUEHLEROCTOBER 20, 2020SCIENCE NEWS
It posited that microbes, not “miasma,” caused sickness and death, and that you could cure illnesses by vanquishing the offending microbe.WHEN EVOLUTION IS INFECTIOUS - ISSUE 90: SOMETHING GREENMOISES VELASQUEZ-MANOFFSEPTEMBER 30, 2020NAUTILUS
This time around, the Bolts made quick work of the Jackets in the first round, vanquishing their old foe in five games.THE DALLAS STARS ARE PUTTING THEIR REGULAR-SEASON SHORTCOMINGS BEHIND THEMTERRENCE DOYLESEPTEMBER 21, 2020FIVETHIRTYEIGHT
The whole history of the Old Testament displays nothing but the vain efforts of God to vanquish the obstinacy of his people.LETTERS TO EUGENIAPAUL HENRI THIRY HOLBACH
Lieut. Wilkinson and party appear in good spirits, and show a disposition which must vanquish every difficulty.THE EXPEDITIONS OF ZEBULON MONTGOMERY PIKE, VOLUME II (OF 3)ELLIOTT COUES
Jerry, who had been told of the trouble, was ready to descend upon the entire college and vanquish it single-handed.MARJORIE DEAN COLLEGE FRESHMANPAULINE LESTER
After all, it was more important that she should vanquish her enemies than prove to a mere man that they really were her enemies.THE BACKWOODSMENCHARLES G. D. ROBERTS
He had met at last that which must vanquish all his resolutions, and turn all his desperate efforts into vanity.GREIFENSTEINF. MARION CRAWFORD


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