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The idea was to give families a bit of extra money as well as hire navigators who would help families understand the value of relocating to “high opportunity” neighborhoods, away from concentrated poverty and blight.JOE BIDEN’S SURPRISINGLY VISIONARY HOUSING PLAN, EXPLAINEDMATTHEW YGLESIASJULY 9, 2020VOX
If the algorithm chose one of the original faces, the value was recorded.HOW AND WHY COMPUTERS ROLL LOADED DICESTEPHEN ORNESJULY 8, 2020QUANTA MAGAZINE
Rather than mission statements, management directives, or corporate values printed on placards, organizational behavior is driven by peer pressure and behavioral norms that spread, like pathogens, through organizations.THE CORONAVIRUS CRISIS IS INCREASING THE RISK OF BANK FRAUD. HERE’S HOW BANKS CAN PLAY DEFENSEMATTHEWHEIMERJULY 7, 2020FORTUNE
The most reliable way to stop baselines from shifting is to encode the public’s values and aspirations into law and practice, through politics.THE SCARIEST THING ABOUT GLOBAL WARMING (AND COVID-19)DAVID ROBERTSJULY 7, 2020VOX
This powerful imagery surely ignites an emotional response in anyone who values life and is capable of empathy.RACISM IS A NATIONAL SECURITY PROBLEMDANIEL MALLOYJUNE 16, 2020OZY
Other things being equal, the volume of voice used measures the value that the mind puts upon the thought.EXPRESSIVE VOICE CULTUREJESSIE ELDRIDGE SOUTHWICK
Of course the expression of this value is modified and characterized by the nature of the thing spoken of.EXPRESSIVE VOICE CULTUREJESSIE ELDRIDGE SOUTHWICK
Was a pupil of Caspar Netscher of Heidelberg, whose little pictures are of fabulous value.WOMEN IN THE FINE ARTS, FROM THE SEVENTH CENTURY B.C. TO THE TWENTIETH CENTURY A.D.CLARA ERSKINE CLEMENT
He must trust to his human merits, and not miracles, for his Sonship is of no value in this conflict.SOLOMON AND SOLOMONIC LITERATUREMONCURE DANIEL CONWAY
The living (value £250) is in the gift of trustees, and is now held by the Rev. M. Parker, Vicar.SHOWELL'S DICTIONARY OF BIRMINGHAMTHOMAS T. HARMAN AND WALTER SHOWELL


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