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Amazon’s tip-reimbursement policy was not vague, spokeswoman Rena Lunak said in a statement.AMAZON SHORTCHANGED DRIVERS $61.7 MILLION IN TIPS. NOW IT HAS SETTLED WITH THE FTC TO PAY UPJAY GREENEFEBRUARY 2, 2021WASHINGTON POST
While the company has not given a specific date, the vague outline it has given means the update could arrive either in late March or some point in April.CHEAT SHEET: AS APPLE PREPS IDFA CRACKDOWN FOR ‘EARLY SPRING’, HERE’S EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOWSEB JOSEPHJANUARY 29, 2021DIGIDAY
Unfortunately, the early warning signals are kind of vague and nonspecific.HOW TO FIX THE INCENTIVES IN CANCER RESEARCH (EP. 449)STEPHEN J. DUBNERJANUARY 28, 2021FREAKONOMICS
As to whether Cisco would have kept selling its Kinetic for Cities software if it wasn’t for the coronavirus pandemic, Diedrich was vague.WHY SMART-CITY TECH HAS LOST ITS BUZZJONATHAN VANIANJANUARY 26, 2021FORTUNE
The 42-year-old, who lost his job because of the pandemic and started working as a runner at a hospital, said the government’s communication has been too vague.AS DEATHS SURGE, SWEDEN REVERSES ITS LIGHT TOUCH APPROACH TO CONTAIN RISING INFECTIONSKATHERINE DUNNJANUARY 13, 2021FORTUNE
Rivera and Smith were vague about the future during their season-ending video conference calls Sunday.RON RIVERA CAN’T BUILD AROUND ALEX SMITH, BUT HE CAN’T WIN WITHOUT HIMLES CARPENTERJANUARY 11, 2021WASHINGTON POST
Other characters make reference to his mysterious years of travel abroad, vague experiences from which he seems to have returned fully formed and in command of his fate.THE DEBATE OVER BRIDGERTON AND RACEAJA ROMANOJANUARY 7, 2021VOX
Still, that vague figure lags drastically far behind other rich countries—and for several reasons.FRANCE’S VAUNTED HEALTH SYSTEM FAILS ITS GREATEST TEST IN GENERATIONS: THE COVID-19 VACCINE ROLLOUTVIVIENNE WALTJANUARY 4, 2021FORTUNE
I’m also looking forward to feeling relieved of a vague sense of dread.WHAT WE ARE LOOKING FORWARD TO IN 2021RACHEL KINGDECEMBER 31, 2020FORTUNE
Use literally whatever you have in this vague order, and add spices if you want.THE RECIPES WE COOKED AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN IN 2020EATER STAFFDECEMBER 30, 2020EATER


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