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The 2024 landing itself is slated to utilize hardware built by private companies, most notably the lunar lander for taking humans to the surface.NASA WILL PAY FOR MOON ROCKS EXCAVATED BY PRIVATE COMPANIESNEEL PATELSEPTEMBER 10, 2020MIT TECHNOLOGY REVIEW
Hence, utilizing the avenue of YouTube for your business can be an open-ended option for organizations to help with their marketing and product promotions.HOW BUSINESSES CAN USE YOUTUBE TO TACKLE THE COVID-19 BUSINESS CRISISCATHERRINE GARCIASEPTEMBER 7, 2020SEARCH ENGINE WATCH
Elaine Swann, the founder of The Swann School of Protocol, says guests should utilize RSVP opportunities provided by the couple.HOW TO TURN DOWN A WEDDING INVITATION DURING THE CORONAVIRUS PANDEMICBROOKE HENDERSONAUGUST 23, 2020FORTUNE
Healium, founded in 2013, utilizes augmented and virtual reality and wearable technology to enable users to “see their feelings.”5 COMPANIES THAT WANT TO TRACK YOUR EMOTIONSJAKEMETHAUGUST 22, 2020FORTUNE
For example, 10 Lovelace employees will be audited weekly to verify they are not utilizing ZIP codes or geographic locations to screen or test patients.FEDERAL INVESTIGATION FINDS HOSPITAL VIOLATED PATIENTS’ RIGHTS BY PROFILING, SEPARATING NATIVE MOTHERS AND NEWBORNSBY BRYANT FURLOW, NEW MEXICO IN DEPTHAUGUST 22, 2020PROPUBLICA
A data-driven approach to budgeting decisions can help propel your business forward by utilizing the best mix of resource allocation to drive maximum ROI.10 REASONS WHY MARKETERS USE DATA TO MAKE BUDGETING DECISIONSKIMBERLY GRIMMSJULY 28, 2020SEARCH ENGINE WATCH
In the coming weeks, newly-launched soda brand United Sodas will utilize LinkNYC kiosks for its first out-of-home campaign.WHY BEVERAGE STARTUP UNITED SODAS IS TESTING OUT A NEW OUT-OF-HOME STRATEGYGABRIELA BARKHOJULY 27, 2020DIGIDAY
It would also be worth looking at new channels you could utilize to bridge the gap.TOP FIVE B2B DIGITAL MARKETING TIPS DURING COVID-19 TIMESDAN MARSHALLJUNE 19, 2020SEARCH ENGINE WATCH
Third, in cases where user data is utilized, the engineer should “catalog all runs of the program” to distinguish the data selection process.AI IS GETTING MORE CREATIVE. BUT WHO SHOULD OWN THE ART IT PRODUCES?THOMAS FREUNDMAY 26, 2020SINGULARITY HUB 
Victim advocates are concerned that schools will utilize the higher standard of proof to reduce the number of lawsuits from accused perpetrators who are disciplined under the policy.HERE’S HOW THE NEW TITLE IX REGULATIONS WILL AFFECT SEXUAL ASSAULT CASES ON CAMPUSLGBTQ-EDITORMAY 7, 2020NO STRAIGHT NEWS


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