Thesaurus / urgency


That’s an advantage for categories like clothing, where in-and-out trends mean there is some urgency to buy.
The urgency to reach the owl before it freed itself was palpable.
Adding urgency to the issue, non-union crew members were left out in the cold when production shut down in March and face lower pay and less protection when returning to work.
Scientists are still analyzing the data that came from that mission, so there’s not really much urgency yet to follow up with a new visit.
The H1N1 vaccine was deployed ideally—with urgency, but not necessity.
I suggest focusing on social media first since it’s the media with the biggest “sense of urgency”, that is, the medium where people expect you to answer the quickest.
In urgency, you simply add a timer that says “order within the time limit to avail the offer”.
Current events and Google’s 2018 decision to make site speed a factor in page rank underscore the urgency of a lightning-fast browsing experience.
But he was offended at her urgency, and assured her that he was not hungry.
Yet he spoke with urgency, and it flashed upon me that his need might not be for himself, but another.


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