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The team reasoned this urge might stem from natural instincts to hunt, or from a need for cats to supplement their diet.MEATIER MEALS AND MORE PLAYTIME MIGHT REDUCE CATS’ TOLL ON WILDLIFEJONATHAN LAMBERTFEBRUARY 11, 2021SCIENCE NEWS
For so long, I thought, “I want a seat at the table,” but now I have this urge to knock over the table.THIS REVOLUTIONARY CHEF WANTS TO TOPPLE THE TABLESHAAN MERCHANTJANUARY 30, 2021OZY
The downside is you won’t be able to look at an untended tree again without seeing a wayward branch and feeling the urge to fix it.IT’S TREE-PRUNING SEASON. HERE’S HOW TO DO IT WITHOUT RESORTING TO ‘CRAPE MURDER.’ADRIAN HIGGINSJANUARY 27, 2021WASHINGTON POST
You have to control the urge to panic and maintain some sense of inner peace.HOW TO SURVIVE THREE DAYS IN THE WILDBY KEITH MCCAFFERTY/FIELD & STREAMJANUARY 26, 2021POPULAR SCIENCE
He felt an urge to return to the District for the first time after watching the inauguration on television Wednesday night.THE FORTRESS AROUND DOWNTOWN D.C. IS BEING DISMANTLED. BUT HEIGHTENED SECURITY MAY REMAIN.EMILY DAVIES, MICHAEL BRICE-SADDLER, PETER HERMANNJANUARY 21, 2021WASHINGTON POST
I remember the last time I had to choose between optimism and fear, between hope and the urge to run away.OUR FRAGILE OPTIMISMSUSANNA SCHROBSDORFFJANUARY 17, 2021TIME
He said that there is an urge to do everything possible to keep the city and hotel employees safe but that many hotels are operating under dire financial strain and may have to permanently lay off employees if they close for the week.AIRBNB TO CANCEL ALL D.C. RESERVATIONS DURING INAUGURATION WEEK AS SECURITY IN THE CITY IS TIGHTENEDEMILY DAVIES, MICHAEL BRICE-SADDLER, MARISSA LANG, JUSTIN JOUVENALJANUARY 13, 2021WASHINGTON POST
And I have given this tedious detail to urge and embolden others to remonstrate against it.GLANCES AT EUROPEHORACE GREELEY
In excusing the Freedom of your Satyr, you urge that it galls no body, because nobody minds it enough to be mended by it.A LETTER FROM MR. CIBBER TO MR. POPECOLLEY CIBBER
But this is quite enough to justify the inconsiderable expense which the experiment I urge would involve.GLANCES AT EUROPEHORACE GREELEY


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