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The upshot is that McConnell appears to have decided to run out the clock on stimulus discussions, since the current session of Congress ends on January 3, and there is effectively no time to pass complicated legislation before then.$2000 CHECKS ARE ‘SOCIALISM FOR RICH PEOPLE’ SAYS MCCONNELL, KILLING HOPE OF EXTRA STIMULUSJEFFDECEMBER 31, 2020FORTUNE
The upshot is that the outcome of a theoretical Ripple case is far from certain.RIPPLE SAYS IT WILL BE SUED BY THE SEC, IN WHAT THE COMPANY CALLS A PARTING SHOT AT THE CRYPTO INDUSTRYJEFFDECEMBER 22, 2020FORTUNE
The upshot, says Fabiano, is that new machines may not be available until next July.THE AMERICAN HEARTLAND NEEDS JOBS. COULD BITCOIN MINING BECOME ITS NEXT SAVIOR?JEFFDECEMBER 12, 2020FORTUNE
The upshot is that until a particle strikes a detector, it’s everywhere and nowhere in particular.QUANTUM TUNNELS SHOW HOW PARTICLES CAN BREAK THE SPEED OF LIGHTNATALIE WOLCHOVEROCTOBER 20, 2020QUANTA MAGAZINE
The upshot is that these moves would destroy tech companies’ carefully constructed ecosystems and make their current business models unviable.CONGRESS MADE A LOUSY CASE FOR BREAKING UP BIG TECHAMY NORDRUMOCTOBER 9, 2020MIT TECHNOLOGY REVIEW
The upshot, studies indicate, is that even with the new options and expanded safety net created by the ACA, by the end of summer a record number of people were poised to become newly uninsured.THE COVID ECONOMIC DOWNTURN IS TESTING THE PROMISE OF THE ACA SAFETY NETLBELANGER225OCTOBER 7, 2020FORTUNE
The upshot is that much like flying cars, a vote-for-President app is likely to be something Americans talk about for decades but may never see.WHY ONLINE VOTING WILL HAVE TO WAITJEFFSEPTEMBER 21, 2020FORTUNE
The upshot is that workers are unlikely to see any changes to their paychecks in the near future.BUSINESS GROUPS DON’T EXPECT TO IMPLEMENT TRUMP’S ‘UNWORKABLE’ PAYROLL ORDERJEFFAUGUST 18, 2020FORTUNE
The upshot of the whole affair is that the enemy still hold a strong line of trenches between us and Achi Baba.GALLIPOLI DIARY, VOLUME IIAN HAMILTON
We set them down as pirates, and awaited the upshot with a considerable degree of uneasiness.A WOMAN'S JOURNEY ROUND THE WORLDIDA PFEIFFER


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