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If you’re unsure about how to incorporate keywords based on regional trends, use Google Trends to discover what’s trending.
Worried, he rushed to his hospital, unsure whether he was really being summoned to get the vaccine or not.
Some people may have no issue with the magical fruits, and GI problems are very individual, but if you’re unsure about your reaction to beans, you may want to save yourself—and everyone in your group—the trouble.
Like most companies, Divvy was initially unsure as to how the pandemic would impact its business.
Others said they were unsure and only 6% said they would not get vaccinated.
New polls show that up to a third of the population in the United States is either unsure about getting vaccinated or firmly against it.
I’m unsure how one could measure whether such people were any happier than we are today, but surely, they would no longer be us.
While she’s heard grumblings from others in the industry who are unsure of the value in a virtual CES, she believes it’s possible for business to be innovative in their pitches.
If you are unsure, you should talk to your doctor, who can help you figure out if you meet that criteria.
Surveys show many people in the United States remain unsure about the safety of the vaccines and whether they will get the shots.


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