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So, if investors get what Uber promises, they will get an unprofitable company at the end of 2021, albeit one that, if you strip out a dozen categories of expense, is no longer running in the red.WILL RIDE-HAILING PROFITS EVER COME?ALEX WILHELMFEBRUARY 12, 2021TECHCRUNCH
The organization seems to have cut off Pop Up Magazine Productions because it was unprofitable and does not plan to turn The Atlantic into a nonprofit.MEDIA BRIEFING: THE MEDIA INDUSTRY’S TOP TRENDS AT THE MOMENTTIM PETERSONJANUARY 28, 2021DIGIDAY
Tesla was hugely unprofitable, saddled with mountains of debt, and consistently missing expectations.TESLA, GAMESTOP, AND THE POWER OF ‘MEME STOCKS’ROBERT HACKETTJANUARY 27, 2021FORTUNE
They now have a more robust content offering that we’ve been able to bring a lot of in front of the gate, a lot of it was previously unprofitable or not optimized or existed in PDF format.CONTENT CONSOLIDATION AMONG WINNING SEO STRATEGIES, AWARD WINNERS SAYCAROLYN LYDENJANUARY 22, 2021SEARCH ENGINE LAND
Back in 2018, my colleagues at the Environmental Market Solutions Lab found that high-seas fishing often appears to be an almost entirely unprofitable endeavor.AI AND SATELLITE DATA FIND THOUSANDS OF FISHING BOATS THAT COULD BE USING FORCED LABORGAVIN MCDONALDDECEMBER 21, 2020QUARTZ
The RealReal, a competitor focused solely on the luxury market, went public in mid-2019, though its shares are below its IPO price, and the company is currently unprofitable.POSHMARK, NEWLY PROFITABLE, FILES FOR IPOPHIL WAHBADECEMBER 17, 2020FORTUNE
Automating this to some extent using rules and especially to cut unprofitable ads takes some of the weight off our shoulders and means I can sleep a little easier!TAKE A PEEK INTO PPC ROUTINES DURING CYBER FIVE WEEKGINNY MARVINNOVEMBER 24, 2020SEARCH ENGINE LAND
We have to replace enough of the profitable components of a cow to make it unprofitable to grow more cows.WOULD YOU LIKE “MILK” WITH THAT IMPOSSIBLE BURGER?JAMES TEMPLEOCTOBER 20, 2020MIT TECHNOLOGY REVIEW
As we also reported, Prospect purchased a profitable hospital system in 2012 in San Antonio, Texas, that then became unprofitable — and was shut down — after seven years of the company’s ownership.A HOSPITAL CHAIN SAID OUR ARTICLE WAS INACCURATE. IT’S NOT.BY PETER ELKINDOCTOBER 12, 2020PROPUBLICA
That’s why online grocery businesses are going to be unprofitable for a really long time.‘E-COMMERCE IS EXPENSIVE’: HOW INVISIBLE TECHNOLOGY AND INFRASTRUCTURE OVERHAULS WILL SAVE RETAILKAYLEIGH BARBERAUGUST 31, 2020DIGIDAY


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