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So despite the fact that the experiment involved extreme pressures and temperatures, Nilsson says, “it influences water in our ordinary life.”SUPERCOOLED WATER HAS BEEN CAUGHT MORPHING BETWEEN TWO FORMSEMILY CONOVERNOVEMBER 19, 2020SCIENCE NEWS
The 1918 flu, for example, crisscrossed the globe and claimed tens of millions of lives, yet by 1920, the virus that caused it had become significantly less deadly, causing only ordinary seasonal flu.WILL THE CORONAVIRUS EVOLVE TO BE LESS DEADLY?WENDY ORENTNOVEMBER 15, 2020SINGULARITY HUB 
His mind becomes unfocused, it focuses on everything, no longer directed toward any ordinary task or social pleasantry.ARE WE WIRED TO BE OUTSIDE? - ISSUE 92: FRONTIERSGRIGORI GUITCHOUNTSNOVEMBER 11, 2020NAUTILUS
Honda’s launch of its Level 3 Legend in March 2021 will be one watched by regulators and ordinary drivers alike around the world as one of the first true tests of a mass-produced and regulator-approved autonomous vehicle system.HONDA TO MASS-PRODUCE LEVEL 3 AUTONOMOUS CARS BY MARCHDARRELL ETHERINGTONNOVEMBER 11, 2020TECHCRUNCH
Soon those experiments showed that polywater’s properties came about from the presence of impurities in ordinary water.THESE ARE SCIENCE’S TOP 10 ERRONEOUS RESULTSTOM SIEGFRIEDNOVEMBER 10, 2020SCIENCE NEWS
Also keep in mind that ordinary tasks take considerably longer, and days are shorter.WINTER CAMPING IS NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART. HERE’S HOW TO DO IT.MELANIE D.G. KAPLANNOVEMBER 6, 2020WASHINGTON POST
Nice, but it’s redundant with the info presented in-game if I pause in the ordinary way.REVIEW: SONY’S PLAYSTATION 5 IS HERE, BUT NEXT-GENERATION GAMING IS STILL ON ITS WAYDEVIN COLDEWEYNOVEMBER 6, 2020TECHCRUNCH
For the sake of argument, let’s say his being diminished now is not a matter of ordinary life circumstance, but of illness or decline.CAROLYN HAX: HOW TO TELL DAD THAT YOU WANT TO DISPENSE WITH THE UNPLEASANTRIESCAROLYN HAXNOVEMBER 6, 2020WASHINGTON POST
Above all, we would, together, two ordinary people, prove that for all this country’s troubles, modernity does not have to be soulless.GENE WEINGARTEN: MAYBE THE PAST IS ONLY A PHONE CALL AWAYGENE WEINGARTENNOVEMBER 5, 2020WASHINGTON POST
Last week, cryptocurrency giant Coinbase announced a debit card that can be used at ordinary merchants, while MasterCard in September announced a service to let central banks test out digital currencies.PAYPAL PLANS A MUCH WIDER EMBRACE OF CRYPTOCURRENCY, INCLUDING VENMO USEJEFFNOVEMBER 2, 2020FORTUNE


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