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On this page you'll find 222 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to under-worlds, such as: purgatory, blazes, hades, hellfire, netherworld, and underworld.

How to use under-worlds in a sentence

  • Vatea married a woman from one of the under worlds named Papa, and their children had the regular human form.

  • Even in the dark of the under-worlds such had come to be; as had, indeed, the various kinds of creatures-to-be, so these.

    Outlines of Zui Creation Myths | Frank Hamilton Cushing
  • The devils in the under worlds wear out deeds that were wicked in an age gone by.

    Where Art Begins | Hume Nisbet
  • Referring to the Nahuatl belief that there are nine upper and nine under worlds.

    Nagualism | Daniel G. Brinton

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