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It’s unclear exactly how the deal will be structured, or if Oracle will be given access to the app’s coveted algorithm.
Going forward, Oceanside’s city manager said she’ll be relying on community members to guide her, but she plans to keep those people anonymous until after her decision is made, leaving it unclear who is influencing her in the process.
Lorson is now pulling together two groups of community panelists to interview candidates and guide her decision, she said, but she plans to keep those groups anonymous until the decision is made, leaving it unclear who is influencing her decision.
It’s unclear whether the participant who fell ill had two doses or one.
What’s unclear is how the company will handle misinformation about election results from users.
It’s unclear what valuation Palantir could fetch on the public market.
It is also unclear how the use of GM’s battery technology will impact Nikola’s declared plan to develop its own battery.
Justice Anthony Kennedy expressed concerns about that particular test, saying it was unclear how much bias was too much.
So it’s unclear how many smart TV makers would look to take Comcast up on the offer, especially since it’s unclear whether people would be more likely to buy a smart TV with Comcast’s software than one with Amazon’s, Google’s or Roku’s.
It’s unclear why providers are turning down asymptomatic patients.


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