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The monkeys in the control group enjoyed a typical lab life — housed in a cage with mom and siblings, plus plenty of water, food and toys.
Campfire flares, he explains, are a millionth to a billionth the size of typical solar flares.
While the street price on this card has steadily fallen over the past year, this discount is still about $9 off its typical going rate online, and it's within $2 of the lowest price we've seen for this variant.
This being 2020, of course, all the typical calendars have gone out the window, with tipoff moved from the originally scheduled date in May to July 25 and delayed roster building that will continue well into the season.
This is unlike how typical search engines work by mainly analyzing the text of the content.
In a typical ambient loop system, a pump circulates water through an uninsulated pipe network buried below the frost line.
Graphite — the same material as pencil “lead” — is a typical anode material.
In the end, he “aims to achieve a level of progress similar to a typical school day,” he says.
Simply put, the typical sword resembled the cruciform with the crossguard cutting a right angle across the grip which extends into the blade.
Although, as Cameron writes, in a typical case of his have-it-both-wayism, “I had always felt myself more of a Thatcherist than a Thatcherite.”


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