Antonyms for tubbing

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Tubbing is now adopted in many cases as a substitute for brick-walling.

On the other hand, the institution of "tubbing" was not unknown.

The tubbing season is brought to an end with a race between the fours.

Also, they are very clean people, addicted to tubbing more than any others.

The linen wears well, washes beautifully, and acquires a finer sheen with every tubbing.

The cribs forming the foundation of each set of tubbing are generally much more massive and costly than the segments of tubbing.

To equalize the pressure of water and gas behind the different sets of tubbing, pass pipes, Figs. 115 and 116, are sometimes used.

The mode of suspending the tubbing to the rods will be understood by referring to Figs. 152 to 154.

The joints between the rings of tubbing are made with sheet lead one-eighth of an inch thick, coated with red-lead.

The rods are attached to a ring by the bolts connecting one ring of tubbing with another.