Thesaurus / true life
Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition Copyright © 2013 by the Philip Lief Group.


There the true life of the ship goes on, and we are vouchsafed no glimpse of it.

I lead the true life of a Philosopher, which consists in doing what I really like, without any regard to the world or to fashion.

You have much to learn, all you mortals have, ere you can know the true life of the inferior creatures.

Old Farm Fairies:Henry Christopher McCook

Clergy and officials alike knew nothing whatever of the true life of Ireland.

Irish NationalityAlice Stopford Green

And then, my angel, my true life, my real home will be in the Rue Vanneau.

Cousin BettyHonore de Balzac

Both together are the direct opposite of those fruits of the spirit in which the true life of the Church consists.

Thus she may be given practically every possible advantage in finding that true life companion.

Farm Boys and GirlsWilliam Arch McKeever

He, in his proverbs, calls the human intellect the well-spring of true life, and declares that misfortune is made up of folly.

The Philosophy of SpinozaBaruch de Spinoza

Similarly here on earth common worship is a symbol of true life as well as a means of sustaining it.

With God in the WorldCharles H. Brent

The true life is possible only in the degree in which the physical necessities are had without effort and without attention.