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This includes “fair management,” which focuses on how transparent the results and outcomes of algorithms are for workers.
In the case of Foundry, he believes that access to a new generation of energy-efficient mining equipment, as well as its transparent business culture—crypto mining is a notoriously opaque industry—will help it succeed.
I would challenge you to find any other company who is entering Phase 3 trials today who have been as transparent about their clinical activities as we have.
Now, machine-learning researchers and scholars are looking for ways to make AI more fair, accountable, and transparent—but also, recently, more participatory.
The group asked for public data disclosure from drug-company grantees, “transparent” accounting to show true vaccine cost and the right to step in and take over a vaccine project if the developer failed to deliver.
Over several conversations, he was friendly as he told me that he’s been instructed by the owners to change NSO’s culture and operations, making it more transparent and trying to prevent human rights abuses from happening.
By acknowledging that the first months would bring less impact, but it picks up as the campaign progresses, you are transparent from the start.
Netflix is being exceedingly transparent about its desire to make the next big cinematic universe.
Although we are in a pandemic and the public should heed guidance on social distancing, the process is transparent and they have the right to come and observe it.
Those brands that embrace CTV and OTT programmatic platforms will be doubling their profits in the future, because only these technologies, so far, make TV ad campaign planning, attribution, and management as transparent as on the web.


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