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What I must do now is track down the source of the orders that keep this war going.

We may be able to render a great service to our country if we can track down a spy.

Crazy Hoss, you put on them dawgs to the scent, track down this Ryan, and kill him.

And so we parted, with no shadow on our friendship, on the track down to the punt.

The three followed the track down to where it passed the top of the fern bed.

Deirdre's eyes were still on the track down which McNab had gone to the Wirree.

Why should a boy of his age hope to track down a thief when agencies such as these had failed?

Any signal strong enough to keep this centuries-old battle going should be strong enough to track down.

I am especially grateful to my wife, Ann, who for six months helped me track down elusive species and explore new areas.

The titles in this list are interesting because some are rarely mentioned and others are difficult to track down.


late 15c., "footprint, mark left by anything," from Old French trac "track of horses, trace" (mid-15c.), possibly from a Germanic source (cf. Middle Low German treck, Dutch trek "drawing, pulling;" see trek). Meaning "lines of rails for drawing trains" is from 1805. Meaning "branch of athletics involving a running track" is recorded from 1905. Meaning "single recorded item" is from 1904, originally in reference to phonograph records. Meaning "mark on skin from repeated drug injection" is first attested 1964.

Track record (1955) is a figurative use from racing, "performance history" of an individual car, runner, horse, etc.(1907, but the phrase was more common in sense "fastest speed recorded at a particular track"). To make tracks "move quickly" is American English colloquial first recorded 1835; to cover (one's) tracks in the figurative sense first attested 1898; to keep track of something is attested from 1883. American English wrong side of the tracks "bad part of town" is by 1901. Track lighting attested from 1970.



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