Thesaurus / tongued


The bed stock is cut into strips, planed on all sides, and tongued and grooved on the widest sides.

The box was made of tongued and grooved boards, and one of these in the front could be slipped out, thus forming a door.

It lay, tongued and grooved, with the scantling for fixing it, just where the timber merchant's men had deposited it—on the floor.

Mushroom TownOliver Onions

On the third day they came down to one of those fiords which tongued inland, fringing the coast.

Storm Over WarlockAndre Norton

It is made of 14-inch tongued and grooved boards supported eight inches above the ground on 24-inch joists.

Society makes 'em fit in together like tongued and grooved planks that will take any amount of holy-stoning and polish.

Or those war-clouds that gather on the horizon, dragon-crested, tongued with fire;—how is their barbed strength bridled?

The material is tongued and grooved, secret-nailed, and should be smoothed off after laying.

Convenient HousesLouis Henry Gibson

Tongued and grooved material is best for this purpose, although it is not in common use.

Convenient HousesLouis Henry Gibson

Cut block E out of a piece of tongued board, leaving the tongue to fit the groove in the gunstock.

The Boy CraftsmanA. Neely Hall

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