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In Sweden, the government’s decision to adopt a light-touch strategy to tackle the pandemic pushed its death toll per capita many times higher than in the rest of the Nordic region.
In contrast, income growth has stalled or even turned negative among the hundreds of millions in the low- to middle-income population as the pandemic took a toll on the jobs market.
Even as the number of confirmed covid-19 cases in Jammu and Kashmir crossed 13,000 and the death toll passed 200 in mid-July, the government refused to restore 4G internet speeds.
In early June, it forced the health ministry to start publishing comprehensive data on covid-19 deaths again, after the ministry stopped doing so in what was widely seen as an attempt to cover up the rapidly rising death toll.
The incident took a severe toll on public confidence in vaccination.
As the pandemic continues to take its toll, Lyft announced a 61% drop in second-quarter revenue and a net loss of more than $430 million.
Our approach is going to keep getting better and make the death toll go down before there’s a vaccine.
Freshwater mussels used to be incredibly common in the United States, but dams and pollution have taken a toll.
While you may have checked off all the boxes, leaving the content section untouched can take a toll on your business.
To date, it’s thought that the death toll stands at nearly 400 elephants of both sexes and all ages.


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