[ tahy-th ing ]SEE DEFINITION OF tithing

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To Horace Greeley's question, "What is done with the proceeds of this tithing?"

This tithing system has provided ever since the principal revenue of the church.

Suddenly there came a tap of the tithing stick on his head, and he was in disgrace.

It was a solemn time after one had been touched by the tithing rod.

State the requirements made by revelation for the tithing of the people today.

The administration of the law of tithing has been excessively cruel in Europe.

Will you observe the law of tithing and all the other requirements of the gospel?

The law of tithing is a test by which the people as individuals shall be proved.

I pay my tithing, not only because it is a law of God, but because I expect a blessing by doing it.

The tithing books are kept as accurately and as perfectly as any books are kept in any bank.