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[ tin-suh l ]SEE DEFINITION OF tinselled

Synonyms for tinselled

  • adorn
  • bedeck
  • aurify
  • beautify
  • begild
  • brighten
  • coat
  • deck
  • embroider
  • engild
  • enhance
  • enrich
  • garnish
  • glitter
  • grace
  • ornament
  • overlay
  • paint
  • plate
  • tinsel
  • varnish
  • wash
  • whitewash
  • aureate
  • dress up

Antonyms for tinselled

  • decrease
  • harm
  • reduce
  • reveal
  • strip
Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition Copyright © 2013 by the Philip Lief Group.


Wished they to join the thoughtless throng in the tinselled hall of fashion?

Slant sunshine glitters on polished gun-barrels and tinselled uniform.

Dionysius describes his composition as tinselled, ignoble and effeminate.

His very talk, which used to be so homely, began now to be tinselled with big swelling words of vanity imported from the army.

Ours, you see, was not to be a flower-strewn journey of tinselled prince to embowered princess.

And then again, in a garish and tinselled City bar, we raised our glasses and drank to the memory of those who had gone before.

Old Mr. Bushrod Mosby she had known for years—a veritable rustic macaroni, a piece of tinselled flotsam floating on backwater.

The land lay like a crumpled mass of silver velvet, heaped to tinselled brightness here, hollowed to velvety shadow there.

King with a tinselled sceptre, paste diamonds, and a pinchbeck crown.

In looking back she saw that the festival of her life was an affair of tinselled splendour and glittering dust.


mid-15c., "a kind of cloth made with interwoven gold or silver thread," from Middle French estincelle "spark, spangle" (see stencil). Meaning "very thin sheets or strips of shiny metal" is recorded from 1590s. Figurative sense of "anything showy with little real worth" is from 1650s, suggested from at least 1590s. First recorded use of Tinseltown for "Hollywood" is from 1972.