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At home, buyers build their own tacos using the accompanying tender corn tortillas, Carolina rice, sparkling pico de gallo and a salsa verde that leaves a tickle of heat in your throat.LIKE A GOOD NEIGHBOR, PENNYROYAL STATION IS THERE FOR YOUTOM SIETSEMAJANUARY 22, 2021WASHINGTON POST
She can’t smell and feels anxiety at the pang of a headache or tickle of a cough, worried that somehow she has been stricken anew by a virus that has already taken so much from her.‘I SAID GOODBYE TO MY SISTER THROUGH A COMPUTER SCREEN’HOLLY BAILEYJANUARY 2, 2021WASHINGTON POST
So instead she self-monitors and loads up on vitamin C and zinc, hoping the tickle in her throat disappears.AS THOUSANDS OF ATHLETES GET CORONAVIRUS TESTS, NURSES WONDER: WHAT ABOUT US?KENT BABBDECEMBER 3, 2020WASHINGTON POST
It feels like a strong tickle in a space behind the eyes and is capable of inducing tears.HONG KONG’S CITYWIDE COVID-19 TESTING HAS BECOME A BAROMETER OF PUBLIC TRUSTEAMONBARRETTSEPTEMBER 9, 2020FORTUNE
"It might tickle him to go to the senate, particularly if he had a score to clean up in connection with it," remarked Ware.A HOOSIER CHRONICLEMEREDITH NICHOLSON
Twas irresistible––to be accomplished with the fool of Twist Tickle and his clever punt.THE CRUISE OF THE SHINING LIGHTNORMAN DUNCAN
Thereafter––a hundred paces––I caught sight of the lights of the Twist Tickle meeting-house.THE CRUISE OF THE SHINING LIGHTNORMAN DUNCAN
Twas with this hungry curiosity that I demanded of the fool of Twist Tickle how he had managed so great a thing.THE CRUISE OF THE SHINING LIGHTNORMAN DUNCAN
I names she from a schooner that calls at Pinch-In Tickle every spring.LEFT ON THE LABRADORDILLON WALLACE
Tickle the earth with a hoe, and it will laugh at you with a harvest.AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF FRANK G. ALLEN, MINISTER OF THE GOSPELFRANK G. ALLEN


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