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Our focus on systems and technologies begins with these four characteristics.

Giving these Svants tools was fine, but it was more important to give them technologies.

The technologies of war have changed; the risks and suffering of war have not.

That new methods and technologies of a digital nature effectively constitute an alternative to literacy cannot be overemphasized.

Many of the technologies that will support Rapid Dominance are already discernible.

To secure this remarkable achievement – the underworld had to procure and then maintain – infrastructure and technologies.

Is IT more expensive to introduce, run and maintain than the technologies that it so confidently aims to replace?

As we reduce defense spending, I ask Congress to invest more in the technologies of tomorrow.

Not the express Sciences or Technologies; not these, in any sort,—except the military, and that an express exception.

When a geek prince hired out as a laborer for a year on Niflheim, he did so for only one purpose—to learn Terran technologies.