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Still, even with the backend issues that come up, agency HR execs say that they have to change their thinking on remote employees in different states unless they want to lose out on talent.
“It takes the entire agency to do this, not just one person,” said Barb Rozman, chief talent officer at Campbell Ewald.
For high-touch custom content, we’ve brought in new talent and honed the focus of the content we offer.
Those worries have since subsided somewhat, Price Harrell said, and in the past few weeks some talent have gotten more comfortable with the idea of shooting in person, provided social distancing guidelines are followed.
If you ask agency talent about the job search you’ll hear them bemoan alleged fake job postings as a scourge of the industry.
However, getting more attention for the shop is one of the goals and by regularly publishing content, Code and Theory is hoping to attract new clients as well as new talent to the agency.
However, not only is Instagram attempting to ape TikTok’s product, but it is also trying to steal TikTok’s talent by offering to pay some TikTok creators to use its new platform, according to The Wall Street Journal.
Simply hiring more diverse candidates isn’t enough as there are systemic issues inside agencies that need to be addressed to “enable true diversity and inclusion at all levels when it comes to talent,” said Tonge.
The human talent for rationalization is a product of many hundreds of thousands of years of adaptation.
However, on that fateful March 12 that Tagovailoa’s pro day was cancelled, the HBCU Combine was also cancelled, forcing 51 HBCU football athletes to find alternate ways to showcase their talents.


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