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Doomsday messaging may be accurate with regards to the gravity of the problem at hand, but it holds little sway over a public wracked by empathy burnout.
I stayed at their Catskills East location and woke up each morning to the sway of century-old trees.
The hearing gave the clearest indication yet of both parties' best arguments in the matter and of which positions seem most likely to hold sway with Rogers as the case heads toward a full trial.
These kinds of rules are in place to protect the governing process from improper political influence and elections from the sway of powerful actors.
Physicists have never proposed that the law of gravity, the increase in entropy, or the various electromagnetic “rules” that hold sway among subatomic particles should be consulted as a source of ethical good.
Its outcome will determine the makeup not only of the Board of Supervisors, but to a large extent the governing body that oversees SANDAG, the region’s planning agency, which has significant sway over housing and transit policy.
As Baumeister noted, he thought he’d find areas of life where the negativity bias doesn’t hold sway, but he didn’t.
Vicars' wives had come and gone, but all had submitted, some after a brief struggle, to old Mrs. Wurzel's sway.
He rules with a gentler sway than many who are accustomed to other methods of command would believe possible.
His brain—the part where human reasoning holds normal sway—was dominated by the purely primitive instinct of flight.


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