Synonyms for sutured

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The abdominal incision is then sutured in the way described on p. 9.

I then sutured the bone with a silver wire and the nerves with fine silk.

The ends should be sutured, however, as soon as the wound is aseptic or has healed.

Each muscle I sutured by itself with catgut, making a separate series of continuous suturing of the fascia lata and skin.

Veins, of course, were frequently cut and sutured, and performed perfectly afterwards.

The wound was cleansed and sutured, and in three days both arm and leg could be moved, after which time the man improved rapidly.

While the wound in the synovialis and capsule is sutured, that in the soft parts is left open.

When the nerve is accidentally divided in the course of an operation on the face, it should immediately be sutured.

If recurrence takes place repeatedly, the disc may be sutured to the periosteum (Annandale), or excised (Hogarth Pringle).

If the food and air-passages are intact, any muscles that have been divided should be sutured.