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Monday marked Abe’s 2,799th straight day in office, making him Japan’s longest-serving Prime Minister and surpassing the record set by his great-uncle, Eisaku Sato.
Matthias Schmidt, an independent auto analyst in Berlin, says registrations for NEVs in West Europe—a region covering 18 countries—have actually surpassed registrations in China so far this year.
Argentina’s infections have surpassed 350,000 with the death toll climbing to more than 7,000.
Generally, these employers set a threshold for how much they choose to pay out based on projected costs, and stop-loss insurance covers the claims when the threshold is surpassed.
Tesla market value has surpassed retail behemoth Walmart after an astounding surge in the electric-vehicle maker’s shares over the past five months.
Thanks to the added offerings, Madkour said subscriptions to SBJ’s digital and print products have remained consistent month over month with the expected budget, while its SBJ Daily subscription product has surpassed its goals so far this year.
If Daly scores again, she’ll surpass Williams and be in position to win the golden boot for the tournament.
Onsager’s proof showed that in 2D, just as Lenz had suspected, arrows align and magnetism carries the day at low temperatures, while disorder wins out after the system surpasses a “critical temperature.”
The region’s trend away from Republicans isn’t new, with independents surpassing Republicans as the second largest group of voters in the county nearly two years ago.
Good time is when the attendees of the meeting are interacting in a genuine way such that the decisions and solutions being generated might surpass what any one individual could have done by themselves.


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