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It’s one of the best ice picks available for all-around use thanks to its 5-½-inch blade that runs through the length of the handle for superior control and strength.
Lithium-metal batteries were far superior to lead-acid batteries, but they also had inherent drawbacks the Exxon team had never resolved, including their habit of sparking fires in the lab.
Compared to humans, Methanians had superior hearing, vocal range, and sight, including x-ray vision.
While Big Tech collects consumer data to support their advertising revenue, banks can win the hearts of consumers by collecting data to drive personalization and superior UXs.
I’m also interested in product and design-centric teams using superior UX to democratize something that previously was limited to a privileged few.
A dedicated thumbwheel and controls above the rest offer superior flexibility while demanding little hand movement, and it’s ready to use with multiple operating systems.
“There are other platforms that arguably offer a superior experience,” said Gil Eyal, founder of HYPR, an influencer marketing database.
With no real direction from their superiors, the sergeants tried to get their troops mentally prepared.
Such footage was part of the state propaganda machine that tried to present the Soviet Union as a “superior system” to the capitalist West that was in the grip of economic depression, says Petrone.
Apps like EpocCam will turn your smartphone into a makeshift webcam, using your phone’s superior imaging sensors to make you look more in focus and color-corrected.


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