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The comments by Goodell at his annual state-of-the-league news conference during Super Bowl week were the league’s first substantive remarks in months on the investigation and ownership dispute.
So they get the equivalent of $24 for a single person and $48 for a family, which is a very substantive donation that the family themselves can decide to use for what they need the most.
In this week’s Environment Report, MacKenzie Elmer breaks down the vote, highlighting substantive objections to the plan and some last-minute concerns that women board members didn’t get a chance to speak during the meeting.
These are just some of the issues that might have come up in a truly substantive conversation around health care.
Kuperberg and Scott Aaronson, a quantum computing expert at the University of Texas at Austin, said IonQ appeared to have made substantive quantum computing progress.
It also helps to have a Democratic supermajority that can occasionally pass substantive laws, as evidenced by the suite of climate regulations pushing the state toward an ever-cleaner mix of energy sources.
The reason that we don’t have to me substantive data on it that really shows the magnitude of the problem is because you’re dealing with California, you’re dealing with non-citizens.
The goal in adding the new language, Russell said, was to acknowledge what developers are already delivering and create the space for more substantive conversation if the measure passes.
He stressed that younger people need to learn how local government works or there won’t be substantive change.
It is always to be remembered that retrospective legislation is bad in principle only when it affects the substantive law.


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