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The behaviour of brucine in the subliming cell is described at p. 260.

The height of art is in imitating, refining, and subliming nature.

Obtained from the sesquichloride by subliming it repeatedly through a tube filled with fragments of glass heated to redness.

(see below), in which the latest improvements in the form of the subliming apparatus are also exhibited.

The subliming furnaces are ranged in a row, and communicate by lines of rails with the weigh-house.

Potassium iodide gives a greenish-yellow precipitate, soluble in ether, and subliming in red crystals when heated.

The form in which calomel sublimes depends much upon the dimensions and temperature of the subliming vessels.

The residuum in the subliming pots from the preparation of flowers of sulphur is now commonly substituted for it.

That end will not be attained by our authors by subliming Religion into an emotion, and making an armistice with Science.

In this manner go on subliming your Antimony, till you have as many flowers as you want.