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The company told us the reason for the change is “to maintain our standards of privacy and strengthen our protections around user data.”
In order to maintain our standards of privacy and strengthen our protections around user data, we have made changes to our Search Terms Report to only include terms that a significant number of users searched for.
That might have induced a type of physical interaction known as a Fujiwhara effect, in which a strong storm might strengthen further as it absorbs the energy of a lesser storm.
Unfortunately, Congressional Republicans have resisted attempts to provide additional needed funds to the states to help strengthen the mail-in voting process.
By early Tuesday, Laura is expected to enter the Gulf of Mexico, where conditions could allow the storm to “strengthen significantly” into a proper hurricane, according to the Weather Channel.
Speaking to Digiday, Stinchcomb discusses how The Wall Street Journal has been strengthening its ad offering and how it navigates relationships with platforms.
Its goals are to strengthen relationships, create networking opportunities within and for the LGBTQ community, and to increase the visibility of the LGBTQ community in Cincinnati and beyond.
On strengthening a business-to-business exemption, for example, she said she worried Uber would attempt to seize on any language to attempt to paint each driver as his or her own business.
That would strengthen the plastic, cutting how much would be needed for any application.
Everyone knows that putting money into the hands of people that would actually use it is going to be much more effective at strengthening our economy and society.


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