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This question has long been a subject of intense astrophysical debate, particularly in relation to the stellar composition of individual galaxies.
An optical telescope planned for construction on a 15-meter tower at Kunlun could take advantage of Dome A’s stellar views above the boundary layer, Ma says.
Each stellar tail stretches hundreds of light-years and dwarfs the cluster itself, which is about 65 light-years across.
The study also doesn’t explain certain heavy elements found in meteorites, which are thought to come from a nearby supernova and so could require the sun come from a long-lived stellar family.
Two major gold loan financiers—Muthoot Finance and Manappuram Finance—reported stellar results in the March quarter.
For one thing, that means the stellar system must possess sufficient quantities of metals — in astronomers’ argot, elements heavier than hydrogen or helium.
Intense stellar radiation would cause water on the planets to puff up into a diffuse layer of “supercritical” water between liquid and gas, topped by a steamy water vapor atmosphere, the team found.
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For either of those proposed explanations to work, there would have to be something not fully understood about the previous stellar-cooling observations.
That’s why these objects were first called “quasi-stellar radio sources,” or quasars for short.


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