Antonyms for statics

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They saw only the statics of territories; they had no conception of the dynamics of nations.

This science, like mechanics and biology, has its statics and its dynamics.

I say that statics has not dealt adequately with these problems.

The phenomena of statics and dynamics are different phenomena.

He is working with the statics of the problem of money and credit.

By this simple experiment was laid the foundation of the science of statics.

The statics of society is the study of the conditions of existence and permanence of the social state.

What indeed is self-evident in this, reason confirms, and daily experience in statics manifests.

Equilibrium, in statics, the condition when a body is acted on by two or more forces which balance one another.

Formerly the latter alone was called dynamics, and to this, in conjunction with statics, the general name mechanics was given.